Spectator’s guide to the 2016 Race to Alaska

The Race to Alaska (R2AK) is an unusual 1200 km “adventure” in which any type of boat — from stand-up paddle board to 70′ foiling trimaran this year! — aspires to be the first to reach Ketchikan, Alaska, under wind- or human-power.  The rules are very simple: no motors aboard; no support other than what’s available to everyone; and no adding or changing crew.  The full race starts in Victoria, B.C. a few days after a shorter race from Port Townsend, Washington, to Victoria which serves as a qualifier for the full race.

Below is a quick “guide” to key web sites and extra information about the R2AK 2016.  (It’s also available as a Google document and PDF for easy editing and printing…)


2016 Qualifier: starts on Thursday 6/23 at 6 a.m. in Port Townsend, WA.  Must reach Victoria Harbor by noon on Friday 6/24.

2016 Full race: starts on Sunday 6/26 at noon in Victoria, B.C.  Must transit Seymour Narrows and Bella Bella en route to Ketchikan, AK.

Key web pages:

See handy links at the top of this web site, too!

Official Race web site —


Facebook page —


Track the progress of your favorite teams during the race (location updates every 15 minutes) —



Don’t miss Jake’s hilarious descriptions of race teams!


And his accounts of many of the 2015 teams and adventures:


Compare the promo videos and watch the Larry Ellison throwdown —



Other web sites of interest:

Small Craft Advisor forum on the R2AK



Google spreadsheet with team data from 2015-2016 that underlies tables in the talk


Scott’s San Juan Sailing Club presentation about R2AK 2015 (web-based slide presentation) —


— with links to more slide shows, videos, web sites, and 2016 racers.


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