Canting twin daggerboards

One of the unique features of my new Race to Alaska trimaran are the canting dagger boards. They were designed by Rick Willoughby. Not only will the boards provide lift, but they will help counteract the heeling forces from the sail.  I have very low volume stabilizer floats, so this lift will help keep me sailing level in a moderate breeze.

Canting daggerboards near front crossbeam
Canting daggerboards near front crossbeam


The daggerboards can cant from 60 degrees off horizontal to about 10 degrees,  where the tip of the board is clear of the water.  The adjustment is made by moving the inboard end of the brace up and down the guide rod. Originally this control was going to be with control lines, but now I believe I will reach forward and do it by hand. It pays to have long arms.
When sailing you lift the windward board and lower the leeward board each tack.  When reaching both boards could be lowered to provide lift. The boards will also have a friction release of the board on the hinge plate so it is not fatally damaged in a collision. While these foils are not designed to fly the main hull, in the right conditions there will be some lift, and increased speed.
Daggerboard control rods along the side of the hull
Daggerboard guide rods along the side of the hull
Daggerboard hinge plates
Daggerboard hinge plates


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  1. Very nice! And I like the friction release of the canting board in case of collision. My daggerboard has a splintering/crashing/crunching/splooshing type of release, which will make my naps a little less restful.

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